Sneaker Armor made from Ewing 33s


WEB 141 Ewing 33 Armor 16

It’s Monday morning so here’s some motivation for you: Break new ground, dream bigger – but never forget your spark, your core. With that said I’m making it a point to use more creative writing in my blog posts and artist statements. The very first sneaker gas mask started with a blurb about a dystopian future, consumers turned survivalists. Almost 8 years later it’s maybe even easier to imagine…

Future stands too close, lumbering over us. An unjust government manipulated by corporate greed falls under its own misdeeds. The country is barren, the population decimated. Biological weapons and a century or so of industrial, consumer and technological pollutants have rendered the air, water and soil unbreathable, undrinkable and barren. Those that live on piece themselves together, fashioning protective gear and filtration masks from what they can find. Rumor has it one “Epocalyptian”, as they call themselves, built a suit of armor as red as the dying sun. After all, the environment isn’t the only thing that’s hostile. The WFPC squads are always on the hunt for “loosies”, and they have a mean trick of sneaking up on Freefolk of Epocalyptia. If you don’t hear them, chances are no one will be hearing from you again. 

WEB 141 Ewing 33 Armor 13

Mask number 84 was a gas mask I made for Ray Figgs of 8 & 9. Crafted from 2 pairs of Ewing 33s I had an over abundance of materials, this caused me to make a set of shoulder pads from the excess. Figgs and I knew we couldn’t stop there, so over the course of nearly 4 years we chopped and stock piled pairs of red suede Ewing 33s. In total 8 pairs went into the armor, a 9th is worn on foot… see what we did there?

We debuted the mask at SneakerCon Bay Area, while in San Jose we made sure to photograph Figgs suited up. Where Thanos at? Bettin’ he don’t want no smoke.

This project was a lot of fun to see come to life. Often time, budget and access to materials are my biggest hurdles with the work. I’m not limited by my imagination just by the scope of the projects or clients boundaries. That’s not meant as a complaint, that’s the reality of being a creative in the professional world. It is however meant as a thanks to my collectors who see the bigger picture and continue to help me push the envelope. Shout out to Figgs8&9, and Ewing Athletics for rockin’ with me all these years and helping me show more of what I’m capable of.



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