FBCC VV1 Sneaker Gas Mask


VV1 Gas Mask by Freehand Profit

Reincarnated incarnations. Visions wrapped in flesh, oddly.

Reconstructed from the deconstructed. Resurrected, Godly.

Valedictorian visualization. Application of mind and body.

Civilization filtered for free thought. Imbued and embodied.

“We wear masks to conceal our pain, but what if instead the mask could filter and process the pain?” – Freehand Profit

The 177th sneaker mask by Freehand Profit was created from 2 pairs of FBCC‘s VV1(Valedictorian Volume 1). Dee Nyce‘s sneaker design reflects a love for Nike Yeezy 1s, Huaraches & Louis Vuitton Dons. This colorway was dedicated to two very special women in his life – his mom who beat cancer (hence the pink) and to the memory of his daughter. Freehand Profit met up with Dee at his shop, Carpe Diem, in Oakland, CA to photograph the mask.

This mask is the first to feature 3D printed parts, designed by Freehand Profit and printed by @Shapeways. Each air canister is capped with a 3D print of each creative’s logo.



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