No.178: atmos Star-Lord Helmet

atmos Star-Lord Helmet by Freehand Profit
The 178th sneaker mask created by Freehand Profit. Created in celebration of Air Max Day 2018, inspired by the atmos Air Max 1s.

Happy Air Max Day everyone!

Since 2014 we’ve been celebrating a new holiday in the sneaker community, Air Max Day! March 26th marked the birth/anniversary of Nike’s legendary air unit, designed by the legend himself, Tinker Hatfield. Check out Grailed for a history of Air Max by Pete Forester.

PAST AIR MAX DAY MASKS : 2015 / 2016 / 2017

The sneaker boutique atmos is a name that globally demands respect when it comes to Air Max. The sneaker boutique has flagship stores in Tokyo and NYC (and other cities around the world) and has been collaborating with Nike and the Air Max family for some time now. And you can bet each time they’ve developed another classic Air Max.

atmos Star-Lord Helmet by Freehand Profit
The very first in the series that isn’t made from dissected shoes, instead it is crafted from fine leathers and hand sculpted elephant print.

Last year’s Air Max Day celebration gave us the return of the Jade/Elephant Print atmos Air Max 1, originally released in 2007. This year I’m proud to present the atmos Star-Lord helmet.

atmos Star-Lord Helmet by Freehand Profit
“As a descendant of the star it’s only right that I become one…” – Action Bronson

My 178th sneaker mask since 2010, the atmos Star-Lord helmet is the first in the series to be made without dissecting a single pair of shoes. That’s right, no sneakers were harmed in the making of this mask. Instead I created this piece with luxury leathers and hand-sculpted elephant print. *Check out the full photo gallery at the bottom of this post.

atmos Star-Lord Helmet by Freehand Profit
Find out more about the work on

I often build my work on base masks, usually gas masks but this time around I ordered my base from Maverick Eckstein (@l.e.props), an artist, prop & replica maker from Alberta, Canada. The SONY Walkman case is also by Eckstein and fits an iPhone inside.

StarLords by LEProps.jpg
The atmos Star-Lord helmet was built using a base like these, by @l.e.props.

And if you know GOTG (Guardians of the Galaxy for those of us just tuning in from another planet), then you know how important the music is to not only Peter Quill aka Star-Lord’s character but it’s also an incredible soundtrack. Music is a huge influence and source of inspiration for me so I put together a playlist on Spotify to accompany my atmos Star-Lord helmet.

The blaster is custom painted and features cast resin elephant print strips on the top and bottom, accented by pops of jade teal. The elephant print jacket is a vintage Jordan Brand windbreaker I found on eBay. My wife Betsy helped by tailoring the jacket for a better fit and sewing on some patches – including a legit NASA patch that just happens to say ATMOS on it. Perfect. She also helped photograph me doing my best Chris Pratt impression. The pants are by 8 and 9, you might be able to find a pair on if you’re lucky, I doubled down when I ordered.

If you’re in the Bay Area next weekend, come see Star-Lord in person at SneakerCon March 31 & April 1st. I’ll be there with the crew from 8 and 9. See you there!

Til next time, may your bubbles never burst!

Freehand Profit

This sneaker mask is technically available for purchase but right now I’m planning on keeping it. With this I’m finally ready to hit comic cons. Shouts to my dude @thehiphoptrooper, his energy and positivity inspired me to join the cosplay fun.

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