New Sneaker Masks for Air Max Day 2017

March 26th marks a new type of holiday, a sneakerhead holiday – Air Max Day. This year Nike celebrates 30 years of Air Max.

Air Max 90 "Polka Dots" Gas Mask & Air Max 1 "Polka Dots" Mask b
In celebration of Air Max Day 2017, the 142nd & 143rd sneaker masks created by Freehand Profit. Made from Air Max 90s and Air Max 1s. Find out more about the work on

The Nike air bubble revolutionized the industry, and my personal collection. With Air Max 1, 90s plus Jordan 3s and 5s monopolizing my sneaker obsession that little pill shaped window is an addiction.

Air Max 90 "Polka Dots" Gas Mask & Air Max 1 "Polka Dots" Mask b
This year marks my third year of releasing a new Air Max sneaker mask on Air Max Day. In 2015 the classic Infrared 90s transformed into a gas mask, in 2016 the Liquid Gold Air Max 1 Gas Mask released and of course there were others along the way like the Air Max 95 Gas Mask and Atmos Air Max 90 Gas Mask.


Today I’m proud to celebrate Air Max Day with my wife and Air Max fan, Betsy VanDeusen. With her help I was able to complete TWO NEW MASKS in time for Air Max Day.
I’ll never forget my first solo show, it was in 2012 at Rosewood San Diego and I had prepared a show of 13 masks and photos. Betsy, with her vintage and retro pin up fashion inspirations was debating on which heels to wear. I convinced her some Air Max 90s were the way to go instead, after all it was a sneaker art show. At the end of the night she leaned in and said “I’m not going back, to hell with heels.” 😂 I knew I had a keeper. Since then she favors Air Max 1s and my loyalty resides in the Air Max 90. So of course she modeled No. 143, the Polka Dot Air Max 1 mask and I donned No. 142, the Polka Dot Air Max 90 Gas Mask.

So my offering up to Air Max Day this year is a reflection of the love and interests we all share. It’s also a tip of the hat to Yayoi Kusama, whose current show at the Hirschorn in Washington DC has me feeling homesick. If you can make it, don’t miss it.

If you want to catch the Air Max masks on display, you’re in luck. They are both part of my #RETURNoftheUNDS show, up now at Rosewood San Diego.

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