Mad Scientist Gas Mask, made from Yeezy IIs

The 149th sneaker mask by Freehand Profit was made from a single pair of Platinum Yeezy IIs. Straps furrow into brows, glowing canisters. The heels become a nose with a shoe lace mustache even Einstein would be jealous of. The lenses feature a custom cut spiraling, hypnotic eye – staple symptom of Madscientisis.

No.165: Yeezy 350 Storm Shadow Mask

Slayin’ demons like Jubei as my blade swings, Storms of shadows spin as my blade sings. Masked, hired to do the dirty work; Monk of malice, brutal brushwork. Murderous mayhem, Hell’s handiwork. Sole assassin, master of self, elemental. Servant to the arts, daily dealing Devils deaths gentle. Vigorous vengeance dealt violently. Shinobi sneakers sneak silently….

Pre-Orders Now Up! Yeezy Horus Art Action Figure

Pre-orders went up tonight on for my 3rd art figure. Links to Yeezy Horus Mask Photos : Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 Based on the 118th sneaker mask, which was made from custom golden Yeezy IIs, the newest art figure is the first articulated by Freehand Profit. That means it has…

New Release! No.118 : Golden Yeezy II Horus Mask

My 118th sneaker mask marks another important milestone, the destruction of one of the most coveted sneakers in the world today. Pairs of the shoe retailed at $250 when they released, but today resale prices can cost you as much as $5000. The Nike Yeezy 2. View this post on Instagram Not your typical sneaker mask, @zaiddahabi…

Weekly @FreehandProfit Playlist

I announced tonight on Instagram that next week I’ll be releasing photos of the golden Yeezy II Horus mask, til then you can take a listen to this week’s playlist. I have been bumping this heavy this week, been working long days prepping for next week’s release. -FP