The Freehand Files: No.81 Taxi 9 Elite Gas Mask

Originally released December 17, 2014, the Taxi 9 Elite Gas Mask was intended as a tribute to ODB, my 5th is a series of Wu Tang inspired masks. Where many¬†[visual] artists pull inspiration from other visual artists, I have long pulled my inspiration from Hip-Hop lyricists, emcees and rappers. With my obsessive attention for detail…

The Freehand Files: No. 52 Nike ID Spizikes Gas Mask

Originally released September 1, 2013 – the 53rd sneaker mask is made from a custom pair of Spizikes designed by Freehand Profit on Nike ID. The Nike ID Spizikes Gas Mask is 1 of the original 3 masks created as part of an artistic tribute to the crew known as Wu.

The Freehand Files: No. 51 Black & Yellow Dunk Gas Mask

Originally September 1, 2015, the Black and Yellow Dunk Gas Mask released alongside 2 other sneaker masks in that classic killa bee color scheme, you know what it is. A tribute to the dopest Hip-Hop crew ever, Wu Tang Clan. Check out the original post to better understand the math.

A Tribute to the Crew known as Wu: 3 New Sneaker Masks by Freehand Profit

SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Hip-Hop has always been about ‘the crew’. Whether it was Bambaataa’s Zulu Nation, the Rock Steady Crew breakin’ out of the Bronx or TATS CRU wreckin’ walls- ‘the crew’ is ever present. Being that my work aims to reflect Hip-Hop I started looking for ways to represent my crew (Fat Chance Crew) and also…

“Killin’ Monsters, waiting for Meth” – Method Man show in OC

Anyone who’s read my interviews or artist statements has an understanding of how influential Hip-Hop has been on my life and art. Very few emcees have had an effect quite the way Method Man has. Snoop and the West Coast were the first to catch my ear in grade school, ‘Doggystyle’ was my first album….

Goodbye Pandora, I’ll be in a 3-way with Grooveshark and Earbits

I gotta thank the homie Raaid (Head of Social Marketing at We Got The Juice) for puttin’ me on to Grooveshark and Earbits. You’ll also notice that Candyman 187 is featured on both Grooveshark and Earbits… yeah, Raaid’s that good at what he does. Sometimes I go so far deep into hermit mode that it…