The Freehand Files: No.26 Basquiat Reebok Pump Gas Mask

Originally released February 15, 2013, the 26th sneaker mask by Freehand Profit was created from a single pair of “Basquiat” Reebok Omni Pump Lites. Like the shoes it was made from, the mask was a tribute to Jean-Michel Basquiat – an artist whose life and work inspired Freehand Proift. The mask was worn by B(e) Selah,…

Reebok Pump Gas Mask : Daily Sketch #4

Started this at dinner and finished it at dinner after a long but great day of shooting masks in San Diego at ComicCon. Today’s adventures make the Reebok Pump Gas Mask the perfect subject for today’s sketch, it was my first shoot in SD with my co-author – B(e)Selah back in 2012.