Freehand Profit talks with

“We have such an aversion to failure these days,” Lockwood says, “but you have to throw out a lot of bad ideas, and even some good ones, before you discover something really great.” Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with Zayda Rivera from, we discussed origins and destinations as well as intent and…

Photos from DesignerCon 2016

I had an incredible time at DesignerCon 2016 and the impact made continues to spread. It is always a pleasure to bring my art to a new audience but had no idea just how positive the feedback would be. Over the course of the 2 day convention of artists, designers, toys and collectibles, I chose…

Weekly @FreehandProfit #Spotify Playlist Vol. 2

I have photos of 3 new sneaker masks releasing this week, right here and on While I’m at work in the lab you can bet I’ll have the speakers thumping, check out this week’s Freehand Profit Spotify playlist to hear for yourself. Think the playlist is missing something? Want to see your music included? Leave…

Pre-Orders Up! No. 104 Jordan 1 Mask Only $250

My resin casting began as I wanted to make translucent red gas mask parts for the Bred 11 gas mask, that became a new platform for my creativity and love for sneakers in the form of lace locks. From mini sneaker gas masks to kyrptonite to ancient scarabs to designer skulls with the help of my…

Now Available! 1 of 1 Optimus Tut by Freehand Profit

This Optimus Tut idol by Freehand Profit was made using a fire truck model kit, a Loyal Subjects Optimus Prime vinyl toy, various sculpting materials like Aves Apoxie Sculpt and of course the vibrant gold leaf. It was created for a group show announcing the release of customizable & collectible vinyl Transformers by The Loyal Subjects in…

Freehand Profit x 8&9 in Charlotte for another SneakerCon

   For the last year and a half or so Freehand Profit has been touring the SneakerCon circuit with 8&9. Each stop brings a new limited edition collab tee that is sold exclusively at the show and Charlotte is no exception. Grab your tickets from    And to keep with the program there will…

History of the Hellafant

Tonight’s release is about more than just 100 masks. It’s a celebration of the path, the overcoming of obstacles, about documenting the beautiful struggle that an artist takes to make a dream into a reality. My “Hellafant” is an elephant gas mask graphic that I designed during MASK365. MASK365 was a daily project I began…

The Freehand Files: No.71 Cork X Gas Mask

Originally released December 1, 2013, here’s a great insight from the it’s release post : The masks I make are a tribute to our humanity – to our history of mask making and the parts of our society that are dying off. It’s the exploration of what ‘things’ have  come to replace masks and then…

Daily Creation: Adidas x Def Jam Mask sketch

Daily routines are important to develop because the repeated actions allow your brain to develop an autopilot like mechanism, making it easier to do the things to maintain a healthy and creative life. With a quick sketch done this morning at the hotel, I still have time for a round of yoga before we head…

Daily Creation: LeBron IV Gas Mask sketch

Back to ballpoint pen sketches for my daily practice while I’m on the road, at least until I find a mobile device that works with my digital work flow (still looking at iPad vs Surface Pro).   

The Freehand Files: No.35 Jordan VI GMP Gas Mask

Debuted in the pages of my 2012 art book Army of the Undeadstock, the Jordan VI GMP Gas Mask released on on January 15, 2013. The GMP Jordan masks belong to a long time collector in Montreal but I’m proud to announce that the GMP VI Gas Mask will be on display for the…

Daily Creation: Dave White 1s Mas(k)ot

I was born in Milwaukee so I was raised as a Wisconsin fan, this is a lil mashup of a couple of my MidWest inspirations. Featuring the Dave White 1s mask that I created for Strange Music.

Daily Routine Revamp

   As I dial in my new creative routines I’ve found the need to redirect my intentions and aspirations. Even as a veteran daily creative (MASK365 was my year long daily creative project, published through this Blog and I suffered interruptions. I had to pause ‘The Freehand Files’, my current daily creative project in…

Daily Sketch: USMC Boot Gas Mask

Today’s sketch is of my 50th mask, but instead of sneakers it’s constructed from 2 pairs of a U.S. Marine’s combat boots worn during deployment.    

Daily Sketch: True Blue 3 Gas Mask

Only a few photos of this mask have been released, you may have seen it featured alongside my interview in Sneaker News Vol. 1. More photos to come, until then here’s today’s sketch.    

Daily Sketch: Dia de los Cortez Gas Mask

Day 3 in our evacuation due to the Rocky Fire. Hoping the mandatory evacuation will be lifted before we have to head down to Long Beach on Thursday, fingers crossed.   

Daily Sketch: Summit Lake 9 Gas Mask

Day 2 of the evacuation, got an earlier start on the daily creative routine. Today’s sketch is of the LeBron 9 Summit Lake Hornet Gas Mask.   

Daily Sketch: White Cement 3 Gas Mask

It’s our first day as evacuees of the Rocky Fire, luckily we have friends in town who are letting me and the family couch surf. Despite the chaos, maybe because of it, I have continued my daily sketch routine. Here’s today’s entry:   

Daily Sketch: Black Chucks Gas Mask

The evacuation hanging over our heads came down today. Betsy and I along with our animals left our home tonight due to the approaching #RockyFire (which has now burned more than 50,000 acres). Once we were “settled” at a friend’s home I began my daily sketch. I’m exhausted and will finish the sketch tomorrow but…

Daily Sketch: Kings Pride XI Gas Mask

The Nike LeBron 11 may not have been an instant hit with sneakerheads but soon as I saw preview images I knew they’d make one helluva mask.