New Mask Release: Reebok Answer IV DMX Mask

The 4/20 release of the “Skunk” Dunk Mask kicked off the a series of new mask releases by Freehand Profit. New work will be released here on every 10 days leading up to the release of Freehand Profit‘s yet-to-be-titled 2nd art book. Free’s first book, “Army of the Undeadstock” hit shelves November 28, 2012…

The “Fresh to Death” Group Art Show Opens at @RSWDSD

1/31/2014 UPDATE: The Charity Art Auction is NOW LIVE! Click here to find out more! Rosewood in San Diego hosted “Fresh to Death”, a group show put together by Rosewood, Sneaker Head Confessions and myself (Freehand Profit). I had the pleasure of showing work alongside @char_l_ton, @romtheworld, @marsartist, @betsyvandeusen and @christobarart. It featured a variety…

“Killin’ Monsters, waiting for Meth” – Method Man show in OC

Anyone who’s read my interviews or artist statements has an understanding of how influential Hip-Hop has been on my life and art. Very few emcees have had an effect quite the way Method Man has. Snoop and the West Coast were the first to catch my ear in grade school, ‘Doggystyle’ was my first album….

@SebastianBleak and the @FatChanceCrew talk #ArmyoftheUndeadstock

Teamwork make the dream work. For those just catching on, the Fat Chance Crew was founded by Sebastian Bleak and I a few years back while we were working together at a LA print shop. Char.l.ton (creator of BURGER365) was quick to join the ranks and since then we’ve had the pleasure of adding Klout, Zodiak…

Check out NSL week 63 by @SebastianBleak

I’m blown away by how far Sebastian Bleak has taken NSL (short for Never Stop Learning). We started it over a year ago in a constant effort to progress in our fields and it’s definitely been work all the hard work. Great job bro! N.S.L: WEEK 63 – Adobe ACR7: Optimize Kelby Training.