No.126: Air Max 90 Anubis Gas Mask

Happy Air Max Day Everyone!

This is our 4th year celebrating AMD with a mask release, and though it’s hard to top the atmos StarLord Helmet – I’m pretty sure today’s release will tip the scales…


The Anubis mask is made from 2 pairs of the Nike ID Air Max 90s, designed with this project in mind. It also features a custom cowl, in black terry, gator leather and canvas accented by gold leather stripes. The canister caps can be removed to reveal a heart and a feather, to represent the sides of Anubis’s scales.

This mask was completed some time ago but a simple photo shoot just wasn’t enough. I tried multiple times for desert shoots, between models who canceled and weather not permitting – I was forced to rethink the shoot. That’s when I had the idea to build a gold tomb for the Anubis mask. I stockpiled trinkets and curiosities from thrift stores and painted them gold, I then rented a throne and called up my friend and experienced sneaker mask model Wes Armstrong aka WuzGood to bring the mask to life.

Anubis is an Egyptian deity, some would say God of the Dead but that’s an over simplification. Maybe more a God of Death, the Jackal headed god was known to be a guide and gatekeeper to the underworld. To enter into the Afterworld your heart must be weighed on his scales against the feather of truth.

Air Max 90 Anubis Gas Mask by Freehand Profit

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Air Max 90 Anubis Gas Mask by Freehand Profit
Thanks to Hannibal @richhead333 who modeled the mask early on when all I had for the shoot was the shoes and a 8&9 shirt to match.

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