DB4 Brainiac Gas Mask

Doernbecher Jordan IV Gas Mask by Freehand Profit
The 174th sneaker mask created by Freehand Profit. Made from 2 pairs of Doernbecher Jordan IVs. Find out more about the work on FREEHANDPROFIT.com.

Happy 4:20 (PM) from Freehand Studios NorCal! Freehand Profit got his first taste of The Mile High City this past 4/20 (April 20, 2018). Between events, dabs and dank eats FP squeezed in some final shots of the DB4 Brainiac Gas Mask. So grab your carb cap, let’s break down the 174th sneaker mask by Freehand Profit.

Doernbecher Jordan IV Gas Mask by Freehand Profit
The DB4 Brainiac Gas Mask was created for @globzilla710, he also modeled the mask.

The first thing folks notice about the Doernbecher 4s is the iconic Superman “S” shield stitched onto the tongues. The classic superhero colorway takes a spin, ditching blue and red tights for black’n’blue Js with Kryptonite green highlights. So I pulled inspiration from one of Superman’s nemeses, Brainiac – the cyborg/android supervillian collector of worlds. Some storylines blame the destruction of Krypton (Superman’s home planet) on Brainiac, who also owns the Lost City of Kandor (Krypton’s capitol city, which he shrank, stole and squeezed into a glass bottle).

Speaking of Kandor… Did I mention @globzilla710 (the real life collector who commissioned the DB4 mask from his favorite shoes) also enlisted the legendary glass artist Joe Peters @joepglass to create a matching DB4 City of Kandor dab rig? Sheesh, you gotta take a look at this thing – Joe absolutely nailed the concept!


Something I love about the Brainiac character is the many forms they have taken over the years. I guess I relate to the evolving, kryptonite-loving collector, probably more than any other character in the DC Universe.

Just a few of the other Brainiac incarnations.

It also gave me the creative freedom to bring my own visual language to the piece. That includes our kryptonite knuckles and to introduce kryptonite grenades – which you can see hanging from the tactical vest in the photo shoot with @globzilla710.

Doernbecher Jordan IV Gas Mask by Freehand Profit
@globzilla710 modeling his DB4 Brainiac Gas Mask at @everdreamstudio. Avatar and @joepglass can be seen working on a glass piece in the background.

I want to extend another thanks to everyone from @everdreamstudio for allowing me to photograph the DB4 mask in their studio space. It was mind blowing – both watching the work be made and then seeing the finished piece. Smoking out of a few of em was mind blowing too. Salute fellas!


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