adidas #FR3AK Helmet

Oooo I’ve been waiting to share this one with you! Once again I was hired by the good folks at adidas to re-imagine their footwear. This time instead of sneakers, it’s the adidas Football team and it’s the #FR3AK Ultra on my Chopping Block – a brand new football cleat featuring both Primeknit and BOOST.

Chimera Freak Cleat

For this mask/helmet I pulled some inspiration from the mythical chimera. Traditionally known as the mythical, monstrous beast with the body of a lion, multiple heads (often a lion/goat/dragon combo), and the tail of a snake. The #FR3AK cleats to me appeared to be a hybrid beast, with stripes like a tiger in the Primeknit and the tough scaled toe box seemed reptilian. In place of the snake or dragon heads, I used replica Gila monster skulls (that I covered in silver leaf). In my translation, the chimera’s goat horns became serpent horns in place of the traditional snake tail. The original sketch (below) featured 2 horn tails, but keeping with the adidas branding I added a third to the final mask. All 3 are removable and bendable, you can very easily remove all 3, have just 1 in the middle, or 2 – one on each side, or of course all 3 can be attached. The teeth and nose are that of a predatory mammal, something big, something ancient man would have come across (both the teeth and nose are hand sculpted in Aves sculpting apoxie). And because I’m a numbers guy, an eye for each stripe – ’cause this is adidas!

Freak Mask Chimera sketch
#FR3AK Concept sketch by Freehand Profit

This was a great project and as always adidas was a pleasure to work with. I really love getting the chance to go all out. – Freehand Profit

adidas Freak Helmet by Freehand Profit
The 169th sneaker mask by Freehand Profit, made from pairs of the adidas Freak Ultra Primeknit cleats.

The brand new adidas cleat will be available this Friday the 13th, 2018! Get ’em on




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