Ferris Bueller SB Mask

Ferris Bueller SB Dunk Mask by Freehand Profit

The 172nd sneaker mask by Freehand Profit was crafted from a single pair of the Ferris Bueller SB Dunks. 

Image result for ferris bueller's day off

Is it okay to say I like the shoes way more than the movie? I went back and watched the 1986 “classic” film (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), hoping to find some inspiration but only found irritation. Ferris just wreaks of privilege and entitlement. Cameron seems like an alright dude, he just needs new friends and some choice indica.

Image result for ferris bueller sb


But the shoes, based on Bueller’s grandpa-esque garb, the shoes somehow make sense of it all and while I may troll fans of the movie, this Nike SB is a true classic.


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