No.147: Pinnacle Jordan I/IV “Rengar” Sneaker Mask

Pinnacle Jordan I/IV Rengar Sneaker Mask by Freehand Profit

What up folks? I got another new sneaker mask release for you this week. This one has been waiting on me to get around to editing the photos but the schedule in the studio is getting back to “normal”. So today I’m proud to share another unforgettable piece. A lion mask with 4 foot dreads, brass nose and an illuminated prosthetic eye – this one is the definition of “beast”.

Pinnacle Jordan I/IV Rengar Sneaker Mask by Freehand Profit

My 147th sneaker mask was created from 2 pairs of Pinnacle Jordans. For the first time ever different sneaker models were combined into a single mask. The Pinnacle Jordan 1s and Pinnacle Jordan 4s came together to create the mask, based off Rengar from League of Legends. And the knife cat makes a great translation to a sneakerhead, from trophy hunter to grail hunter – after all maybe that’s the ancient instinct that manifests itself in our desire to collect. -Freehand Profit

Rengar from League of Legends, inspiration behind mask No.147.


This piece was a custom order for a private collector in Hong Kong. It made it’s debut appearance at SneakerCon Hong Kong. Check out video from the event via SneakerDean.

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