Freehand Profit catches Sneaker Fever in Mexico City

Last week the notorious sneaker mask maker, Freehand Profit, took his talents to South… of the border. Mexico City to be exact, for Mexico’s premium sneaker show – Sneaker Fever 2017. In conjunction with adidas Mexico, Sneaker Fever brought the sneaker artist to exhibit 6 of his one of a kind adidas sneaker masks. Freehand Profit surprised the audience with a special mask, made specifically to honor his time in Mexico.

Sneaker Fever MX adidas Recap 024

“My wife Betsy had an amazing art history teacher in college, her professor taught her so much about Pre-Colombian Mesoamerican art that it actually was passed on to me. I grew up in the DC area and the Smithsonian museums always had a profound impact on me, but it was Betsy who really passed the knowledge of deities like Xipe Totec and Quetzalcoatl. When my trip to Mexico City was confirmed I just knew I had to make a sneaker mask to photograph among the pyramids and temples of Teotihuacan.” – Freehand Profit

While the rest of the world waits for the release of the Quetzalcoatl inspired mask, made from adidas “Oddity Luxe” EQTs – sneakerheads in Mexico City got a first look at the 151st sneaker mask by Freehand Profit. Don’t worry, the wait won’t be too long, the Quetzalcoatl EQT mask releases tomorrow on!

Sneaker Fever MX adidas Recap 006

adidas Mexico hosted Freehand Profit & Jeff Cole (@cole) at their flagship store in Mexico City to give the city a taste of what was to come. Lucky attendees even got their hands on a surprise collector’s pin from adidas, in the form of the Dragon OG mask by Freehand Profit. 

“The love that the fans showed in Mexico City was overwhelming; I mean I was really totally blown away.” said Freehand “That energy really means a lot, I know I try to channel that back into the work.”

Check out the full gallery below as well as some interviews with local channels.


Interview with Lace Up MX


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