No.140 : DB6 Pit Bull Gas Mask

DB6 Pit Bull Gas Mask by Freehand Profit

The DB6 Pit Bull Gas Mask was first displayed in Zurich, Switzerland at Sneakerness as part of Cadillac x Freehand Profit “Dare Greatly” artist feature. The one of a kind piece was commissioned by @d1ooy in the UK, and will accompany his other 2 custom sneaker masks (the DB5 Angler Fish & 5Lab3 Iron Man Helmet). It is crafted from a single pair of “Doernbecher” Jordan VIs.

DB6 Pit Bull Gas Mask by Freehand Profit

7 years ago I was barely 2 weeks into my year long daily creative project MASK365. And on this day 7 years ago I released the very first incarnation of the Pit Bull G.A.S. Mask from my Guerrilla Art Squadron series. Today I’m proud to unveil the newest form of it’s evolution, made of course of highly coveted sneakers.

The #PitBull #GuerrillaArtSquadron design turns 7 today! It’s evolved a lot since then.

My dad actually rescued our first bully mix while I was in college. I was home sick and a springy and spry boxer/pit bull mix came bounding through the door and into my life. His name was Winston Xavier (#WinstonXavier on IG) and was about a year and a half old when we rescued him, for the next 11+ years we had a lot of adventures together. Winston worked with me during my days as a dog walker/trainer/daycare attendant both on the East and West coast. When he passed in 2015 I was touched to realized how many lives he had touched. It was less than a week before I knew I had to honor his memory by rescuing another bully breed down on its luck.

DB6 Pit Bull Gas Mask by Freehand Profit

That’s when Thor (#LuThorWallace) came into our lives. My wife, Betsy, and I packed up a few things for a drive to a local shelter. Weird as it may sound, we brought her (our) Siberian cat Digby along. Winston and Digby got along for years without any trouble, in fact while in a foster home before we rescued him Winston lived with 7 cats. We wanted our next pit to have a feline friendly disposition. Should have known the cat would pick a dog with similar colors and markings, conceited fuck. 😸

Hank (#TrueBlueHankMcCoy) joined the crew about a year later, Thor is such an easy going and well behaved dog we decided we’d get him his own dog (since he’s convinced he’s a real boy, and he may be convincing us too). All jokes aside, Betsy had been fawning over photos of Hank while he was at the shelter. It wasn’t until we saw him relaxing next to a cat at his new foster home that we began the adoption process. We actually ended up adopting Hank from Bug A Bull Rescue and Education Program, who rescued Hank from the very same shelter we adopted Thor from.

I worked for more than 5 years with hundreds of dogs. In that time I’ve come across my share of aggressive dogs, surprising to some – that has rarely been any bully breed (“pit bull”, APBT, AmStaff, Staffie, American Bulldog, etc). The scars I have from dogs are from Labradors and golden retrievers and small yappy dogs – but pits get a bad rap. Anyone with a doberman, rottweiler or German shepherd will tell you the same. Media and bad owners have spread myths of a viscous breed with locking jaws. But the truth is the bully breeds are sweet and loyal, goofy and cuddly – one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in my life is adopting a pit bull. The love and friendship is unrivaled. And our shelters are full of them, many are put to sleep every day to make room for more dogs coming in. So it’s important to adopt from a shelter instead of buying from a breeder.

There are dogs of all ages, sizes, shapes and personalities down at your local shelter. And if you can’t adopt right now, go down and volunteer – walk a dog, it’ll do you both some good.

As a dog lover and avid believer in the #AdoptDontShop philosophy I’m proud to announce that 8×10 prints of the DB6 Pit Bull Gas Mask will be sold to raise money for a good cause. All proceeds of the sale of these signed prints will go to Mendo Pets Shelter Rescue! – Freehand Profit




Mendo Shelter Pets is humbled to be a part of such an amazingly talented and genuinely caring community. We are honored to be the beneficiaries of your incredible talent! The new mask is simply show stopping!” – MSPR

Be sure to follow @mendoshelterpetsrescue on Instagram and find MSPR (Mendo Shelter Pets Rescue) on Facebook using the link below:

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