Cadillac Europe x Freehand Profit Sneaker Mask

Cadillac Europe x Freehand Profit Mask
The 145th sneaker mask created by Freehand Profit. Made from 1 pair of Nike All Star 2017 Air Zoom Generation. Find out more about the work on

This past weekend my passion for sneakers and masks took me all the way to Zurich, Switzerland for Sneakerness. Thanks to Cadillac Europe for inviting me to be their featured artist as part of their “Dare Greatly” campaign. Cadillac Europe commissioned a custom sneaker mask that would reflect Cadillac style, which attendees of Sneakerness Zurich had a chance to win!

Cadillac Europe x Freehand Profit Mask

Today Cadillac Europe announced the winner – a Mr. Calcich! So if that’s you, check your email! CONGRATS!

I chose the All Star Game 2017 Nike Air Zoom Generation for the Cadillac Europe mask. The beautiful, high quality vachetta tan leather accompanied by rose gold accents reminded me of the interior of a luxury vehicle. The lines and shapes of the shoe were also reminiscent of the daring designs found in the Cadillac fleet of vehicles. The mask was displayed at Sneakerness Zurich alongside 7 other sneaker masks – including the unreleased DB6 Pitbull mask!

Take a look at the gallery below for some views from Sneakerness Zurich.

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