#StarWarsDay! No.115 Command Force Stormtrooper Helmet

May the Fourth is a special day for all the scruffy nerf herders out there. A day to celebrate The Force and a galaxy far, far away. It may seem silly to outsiders, but let’s be honest if you’re not into Star Wars, you may be taking yourself too seriously. George Lucas forged a modern mythological that has unfolded over the decades since the release of the original Star Wars in 1977, now known as A New Hope.

The Star Wars mythos hypnotized me from a young age, admittedly my first memory of it is of Empire Strikes Back. Casually flipping through channels in my Grandma’s basement, seeing Han carve Luke a Tauntaun sleeping bag with a light saber. Zero chance of me changing the channel after that. 

@Figgs8and9 modeling the Command Force Stormtrooper helmet in NYC.

Over the past few years May the Fourth has become a bigger and bigger to do on social media. But before that, back when my Blog was called ‘The Hip-Hop Nerd’, I was still all about the Jedis, Siths, Wookies & droids. In 2011, shortly after completing my MASK365 project, I created my 9th sneaker mask – a Stormtrooper helmet made from adidas Super Skate Mid IIs. This intersection of my passions (art, sneakers & Star Wars) was a significant milestone for me, the helmet was featured on numerous sneaker blogs as well as the blogs of Playboy & Attack of the Show. 

Since then I’ve also created a Boba Fett helmet from Nike SB Dunks (sneaker mask no. 44)

Today though I finally unveil my 115th sneaker mask, a First Order Stormtrooper made from Nike Command Forces. 
“115? Didn’t you just release No. 143?!”
Yes, but I’ve been holding onto this piece for something extra special. And while I’ve displayed the Command Force Stormtrooper at DesignerCon, SneakerCon & my recent opening at Rosewood in San Diego – it’s actually a part of an Imperial trio of sneaker masks. Also completed and awaiting its release date is a Darth Vader helmet made from Nike Yeezy IIs (Follow @FreehandProfit on Instagram to see previews). The third is still in the works, an Imperial Guard helmet made from Nike Kobe XI Exts. Once completed the 3 will be photographed together. (I had hoped to have all 3 ready for today but another opportunity changed my plans a bit. I’m happy to announce I’m writing this on a plane to Zurich for Sneakerness where I’ll be Cadillac Europe’s featured artist. Watching Rogue One nonetheless 😏)

While most of my sneaker masks are commissioned by collectors, these 3 masks will be for available for purchase. The Command Force Stormtrooper has been reserved but offers are welcomed if you’d like to make sure Darth Yeezy or the Kobe Imperial Guard helmets don’t slip past you. 
Commissions (custom mask orders) closed on May 1st. For now, the only way to order a custom mask is if you already own a #FreehandProfit piece. New masks and art will still be for sale on ShopFreehand.com. This is so I can catch up on a long waiting list. It will also allow me to eventually make more decisions about the work, when, why and how I’m making them. I am extremely grateful for everyone who has commissioned a mask and supported the work. I am doing this to insure I can offer the quality and time to my collectors that they deserve. Custom orders may open back up in the future, but I don’t guarantee it. I have no plans of stopping what I do but I am more than ready for the next stage of evolution. Hope you’ll join me, if not as a collector then as an art appreciator.

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