No.128: Gel Lyte III “Reshoevn8r” Gas Mask

WEB 128 Reshoevn8r Asics Gel Lyte III Gas Mask 01
Use Code ‘FreehandProfit’ on orders & save!

IF, and that’s a big “if”, there’s one way to spot a true sneakerhead… it’s clean kicks.

Whether it’s basketball sneakers, luxury brand silhouettes, cross trainers, runners… if you got a love for what’s on your feet it’s important to keep them clean. Luckily Reshoevn8r has tons of ways to keep your shoes looking so fresh and so clean.

WEB 128 Reshoevn8r Asics Gel Lyte III Gas Mask 02

I’m a proud member of Team Reshoevn8r, some of you will recall our previous mask collaboration. A gas mask made from Air Jordan x PSNY 12s, with a stash spot for Reshoevn8r sneaker wipes. Check out their site for tons of tutorials and examples of just what their cleaning products can do for shoes even in the worst condition.

Use Code ‘FreehandProfit’ on orders & save!

Our second collaboration, and my 128th sneaker mask, is made from 2 pairs of Asics Gel Lyte IIIs.It features a crown of Reshoevn8r insoles, custom laser etched and resin cast parts, a 4 color lens tint and that’s just the start.

WEB 128 Reshoevn8r Asics Gel Lyte III Gas Mask 07

The mask features 3 canisters (normally air filters on a traditional gas mask), the first is my standard air filter and sole cap with a Reshoevn8r branded band wrapping around it. The second is actually a bottle of Reshoevn8r sneaker cleaning solution that screws right into the mask itself. Last but not least, the third canister is a Bluetooth speaker with color changing LEDs – wrapped in a custom resin laser etched and painted piece that I designed based on the Gel Lyte III sole.

I’m a firm believer in wearing most if not all of your sneakers. For me it’s about living a memorable life and achieving great things in these shoes, they’re an exclamation point – not the whole sentence.

If you’re in or near NYC it’s not too late to catch SNEAKERHEADS by Freehand Profit, on display with @adidasNYC at 115 SPRING ST. Show ends 3/21! 

WEB Sneakerheads_Round1_Edit2


West Coasters I got you covered too! My next solo show opens at Rosewood San Diego 3/25 … That’s THIS Saturday! Can’t wait to see you there, don’t forget to grab your VIP pack from – now only $50!


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