No.135 : adidas Dragon OG Mask

“Personally, as a Hip-Hop head, the adidas Superstar was the first sneaker I remember hunting in high school, looking high and low for a pair with red stripes. My friend came back from a trip out of town with a pair and I was devastated. Later, during MASK365 I chose a pair of Def Jam Ultrastars to turn into a mask for the last day of that yearly project. In 2011 I created a Stormtrooper helmet from 2 pairs of adidas x Star Wars Super Skate II Mids, that made a big splash. There’s been other great adidas sneaker masks along the way but the recent work I’ve been able to do with the brand has been most exciting. The SOHO 7 are a diverse sampling of the different types of sneaker masks I create, all built in a unique and original way. Hopefully we’re just getting started…” – Freehand Profit

WEB Sneakerheads_Round1_Edit2

Seven new masks made from adidas Originals sneakers are now on display with @adidasNYC at 115 Spring St. The exhibit, titled “SNEAKERHEADS by FREEHAND PROFIT”, will be up through 3/21.

adidas Dragon OG Mask by Freehand Profit
The 135th sneaker mask created by Freehand Profit. Made from 2 pairs of adidas Dragon OGs. Find out more about the work on On display at adidas SOHO 3/2017!

Today’s release is the 4th this week and there are even more to come! Stay tuned here and on for all the recent Freehand Profit news.

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