No.134: Solar Red NMD Mask

Another one!

WEB Sneakerheads_Round1_Edit2

Today marks the opening of the SNEAKERHEADS by Freehand Profit exhibit at @adidasNYC 115 SPRING ST. If you’re in NYC be sure to stop by sometime between now and the 21st for a look at 7 new and unique sneaker masks made from @adidasOriginals.

WEB Sneakerheads_Round1_Edit8

By now you’ve likely seen the NMD masks I made and designed for the #ORIGINALis campaign, if not take a better look at my first NMD mask (click the photo for more info).

adidas NMD R1 Mask by Freehand Profit

Making a ski mask or “balaclava” out of sneakers has been on my to do list for some time. I’ve even had a few pairs planned for a couple years now, but work for clients and collectors take top priority. Usually that means I have to be patient and wait for the right opportunity or right client/collector to make a vision become a reality. And more often than not, that wait time provides new insights while working on other projects. While making that first NMD mask it dawned on me that the lack of structure and stretch to the shoe would be a much better fit for a ski mask transformation. It was just a matter of rounding up enough pairs to do it justice.

adidas NMD R1 Mask by Freehand Profit

Anyone who has seen more than a couple of my kick pics on IG knows I have a thing for infrared/solar red (bright crimson even)… so you can guess which NMD color way was calling my name. It seemed to time out perfectly, adidas announced a restock of the tonal NMD pack just as we were discussing which shoes I should use for the upcoming @adidasNYC show. I sent them a list of my top picks and crossed my fingers… is it too corny to say I fished my wish? Lol.

adidas NMD R1 Mask by Freehand Profit
The 134th sneaker mask created by Freehand Profit. Made from 3 pairs of adidas NMD R1s. Find out more about the work on On display at adidas SOHO 3/2017!



This mask would not be the same without the help of my wife and fellow artist Betsy VanDeusen. This was our most collaborative mask to date. Betsy was an award winning theatrical designer before we met and her experience and expertise were vital to this project. I’m very lucky to work with Betsy, her influence has been immeasurable. We often laugh that before we met I was the painter and she was the costumer, now she paints and I make masks. Betsy assists me in realizing my vision and I enjoy being being her assistant when she is working on her own art. Stop by her art shop!

Check out the full gallery below:

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