No.132 adidas EQT Support ADV Gas Mask

Yesterday @adidasNYC and @FreehandProfit announced that, starting tomorrow (3/8), seven brand new sneaker masks will be on display at 115 Spring St.

adidas EQT Support ADV Gas Mask by Freehand Profit
The 132nd sneaker mask created by Freehand Profit. Made from 1 pair of adidas EQT Support ADV. Find out more about the work on On display at adidas SOHO 3/2017!

It has been an incredible experience to be a part of the adidas Originals #ORIGINALis campaign. In case somehow you missed the global rollout check out the write up from adidas and the video that has already seen more than 20 million views :

If you can’t make it to SOHO before 3/21 don’t fret, each day this week I’ll be releasing photos here and on Yesterday’s EQT Support ADV Mask was made from 2 pairs, today’s release is made from the same style but a different color way and just a single pair.


One of the most common questions I’m asked is: “How long does it take to make a mask?”

Well that depends, how long do I have to make it? What am I making? How much material do I have? On average I would say that a mask takes 6-8 weeks… but there’s very little standardization about making one of a kind works of art. Time frame is the first factor. I’ve made a mask from a single shoe in a day, one mask took 72 weeks. These 7 masks for @adidasNYC were created in just over 2 weeks, but the number of hours spent working in those weeks was concentrated, meaning every waking moment was spent mask making. And while art is not a time clock, it is not as if punching in for a certain number of hours dictates the art’s value, I do feel that time spent could be something to consider when listing or titling art. When art is listed or titled you’ll often see it presented like this:

Artist Name, Title, Year Created.

adidas EQT Support ADV Gas Mask by Freehand Profit

Example: Freehand Profit, No. 133 adidas EQT ADV Gas Mask, 2017.

Some will go on to list Medium (i.e. art materials/technique), Dimensions, and even go on to credit who the art belongs to, where it’s on display or who it was on loan from or donated to the museum or gallery.

adidas EQT Support ADV Gas Mask by Freehand Profit

Example: Mixed Media Sculpture & Digital Photography. 18″x 14″ x 12″. Showing at @adidasNYC 155 Spring St

But why not give the audience the chance to consider the time the artist spent. There doesn’t have to be a hierarchy between fast and slow work once there’s transparency there. If an artist can make something beautiful or moving in 15 minutes then there’s a beauty in the spontaneity, the speed would clearly be important to the process so why not share that understanding with your audience? I guess at this point I’m straight up asking, let’s talk about this artists and art lovers… does knowledge of the time spent on a work of art allow for further understanding?

Speaking from a personal vantage point, I share that info in a masks’s story when it’s important. Balance is something I have mentioned that I seek out in my work, so I like having some masks raw and some polished, some have a week to make it from my mind to reality – other concepts need time to plan and build a foundation. The things I learn working in a variety of time frames and project parameters become techniques that strengthen the body of work as a whole.

-Freehand Profit


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