PASTE Magazine Interview with Freehand Profit


I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Carolina Mesarina from PASTE Magazine. In my most recent interview we discuss my upcoming show at Rosewood, why art is important and where the work might lead me next…

Paste: Do you hope to keep working with sneakers in the future? Are there any other materials you hope to explore?

FP: I’m not sure “hope” is always the word. I have plenty of ideas for what I can build with sneakers, but I’m always tinkering and toying with new avenues and vehicles for artistic expression. You probably won’t catch me in boat shoes or sandals but the masks are more important than the sneakers are. My biggest hope as an artist is that my audience will continue to grow with me and support the work.

Check out the full interview by clicking the link below or by checking out the Visual Art section of


You’ll also catch a glimpse at the Darth Yeezy II Helmet before it releases!

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