@Reshoevn8r Art by @FreehandProfit & @BetsyVanDeusen

Earlier this summer the sneaker cleaner brand Reshoevn8r held an art contest for all the talented sneakerheads out there with a $1000 Grand Prize! The winners were announced recently and we’re excited to unveil our entries. Congrats to the winners!

FreehandProfit-Reshoevn8rArtContestentry SIZED FOR IG
“Dr. Strangesuds” by @FreehandProfit

Freehand Profit: Folks may be surprised that the entry wasn’t a sneaker mask – but remember, I spent most of my artistic life painting and drawing. I saw the Reshoevn8r art contest as a way to squeeze some fun into my creative workload. Inspired by the infamous image of Major Kong riding a nuclear bomb as it plummets towards Earth, from “Dr. Stranglove” (1964) – my mixed media piece is entitled “Dr. Strangesuds”. It features a character based on the PSNY12 Gas Mask that I created for Reshoevn8r, riding a bottle bomb of sneaker cleaner through glow in the dark clouds. Glow pigment, acrylic & spray paint on wood panel. 16″x16″ (Now available for purchase on ShopFreehand.com)

Glow in the dark look at "Dr. Strangesuds" by @FreehandProfit
A glow in the dark look at “Dr. Strangesuds” by @FreehandProfit

Betsy VanDeusen: Between being an artist, having a garden to tend to, and with 2 rescue pit bulls (#LuThor Wallace & #TrueBlueHankMcCoy) at my heels – my shoes can get muddy pretty quick. That’s why I love the Reshoevn8r Laundry System and made it the feature of my Reshoevn8r Pin Up Girl piece, based on a classic painting by Gil Elvgren. Keep your eyes peeled for a few easter eggs I hid in the piece! Watercolor, 12″x16″. (Now available for purchase from betsyshop.bigcartel.com)

"It's Never Too Late To Reshoevn8!" by Betsy VanDeusen
“It’s Never Too Late To Reshoevn8!” by Betsy VanDeusen

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