War Machine Helmet made from Air Jordans

Yesterday the first photos were released of the Jordan 5Lab3 Iron Man / War Machine by Freehand Profit. Today we get a better look at his 117th sneaker mask, worn by Eli “Lantern” Neal ( @eli_lantern_neal ) as well as a first look at the arc reactor that Freehand Profit built to accompany the helmet and arm. When you look closely you see the arc reactor was crafted from the icy sole of the 5Lab3s, which is lit by a group of LEDs in the center and a EL Panel ring – both on their own switch so either or both can be turned on or off easily. The arc reactor is held in place by magnetic discs on either side of the 8&9 hoody (which was customized with a Velcro window allowing the power supply to be threaded into the garment). Check out the full gallery below.

Catch the final installment tomorrow when it’ll be revealed in Iron Man’s traditional red and gold, as customized by Mache Customs.

5Lab3 Iron Man Helmet & Arm by Freehand Profit , Custom Painted
The 117th sneaker mask created by Freehand Profit and his first time collaborating with Mache Customs. Made from 4 pairs of Air Jordan 5Lab3 sneakers. Features functioning face plate, lights and lasers. Find out more about the work on FREEHANDPROFIT.com.

Like many of the FP sneaker masks you see this piece was commissioned, it now belongs to a collector. You can find out how to order a custom sneaker mask by Freehand Profit by clicking here.

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