Iron Man helmet made from Jordan 5Lab3s

5Lab3 Iron Man Helmet & Arm by Freehand Profit , Custom Painted
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Over the next few days photos will be releasing of another milestone piece. The 117th sneaker mask by Freehand Profit is crafted from four pairs of Jordan 5Lab3s. The helmet is accompanied by a gauntlet (arm), both of which feature working mechanics and lights. It was commissioned by an existing collector ( @d1ooy – who sacrificed a pair of Doernbecher 5s to FP’s infamous Chopping Block). Besides the magnetic sensor triggered lift up face plate and forearm laser, light up eyes and repulsor beam in the palm – the set also features a custom built arc reactor. As if that wasn’t enough the finished pieces were sent off to the one and only Mache Customs, who transformed the War Machine color way into the traditional Iron Man red and gold.

5Lab3 Iron Man Helmet & Arm by Freehand Profit , Custom Painted
Sneaker mask no. 117 by Freehand Profit.


“Like nearly any artist, my work is a reflection of my inspirations. I have always been drawn to masks, whether they’re ancient ritualistic/cultural masks or the ones donned by superheroes. Tony Starks (Iron Man) is an excellent example of the modern hero. Openly selfish, exorbitantly wealthy, WMD peddler – his transition to superhero represents our wish that someone in power, with the means, would take an active stand against the evils plaguing our daily existence. It should come as no surprise in 2016, when superheroes have a Kung Fu grip on Hollywood, that the stories and characters in between comic book pages are our newest forms of mythology. They represent more than tights and a cape, they are the pantheon of demigods – all with their own cause and conscious. The story of Iron Man at its roots is about rising to serve a common good and a reminder that sometimes our injuries/weaknesses can become our greatest strength.” – Freehand Profit

Stay tuned to this week for more photos of mask 117!

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