Freehand on Film



Photos and Video by Calvin Shamoon.

US Marine and photojournalism student, Calvin Shamoon spent time with me on my trip back home to the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) last fall. While I was in town for SneakerCon, which I toured with last year alongside Eight & Nine Clothing, Calvin was there to film as I spoke to high school art students. I also met with Ackshun Jackson at Blind Whino, where I shot the Air Max 95 gas mask. Over the course of those few days Calvin got a glimpse into the world of Freehand Profit. Below is a video he put together, hopefully we’ll be able to include footage of Calvin’s footage from that landmark trip in the upcoming Freehand Profit documentary. *

Freehand Profit speaking to art students at Westfield High School in Northern Virginia. Elaine Florimonte, seen on the right was Freehand’s art teacher throughout high school and a favorite mentor to this day.

*If you’ve been wondering where we’re at with the documentary, I’ll tell ya: We filmed every step of the Hellfant 3Lab5 mask, plus tons of other events and peeks into the studio. What I’m looking to do next is to film multiple one on one interviews between myself and the people who know me and the work best. It will take a lot of time because I have little to no money to invest in the film at the moment. But it will happen, for now my focus is on creating more masks. It not only makes me the happiest, it also is what pays the bills. The business of art is what is the real work, and no matter how much I love the creative side… I cringe at the legal, financial, extra cruel-icular [curricular] activities / responsibilities / liabilities / necessities that come with it. Like filming a documentary (because that’s the best way to educate an audience on the realities and complexities of the work)… a film that I didn’t plan or set out to do, but I agreed to do, and well when I start something I finish it. Even if it means years doing it. It’ll be a better film for it.


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