More photos of the DB5 Angler Fish Gas Mask

Jordan Doernbecher 5 Gas Mask by Freehand Profit
The 111th sneaker mask created by Freehand Profit. Made from 1 pair of Jordan Doernbecher 5s. Find out more about the work on

There was just too much to squeeze into one post so here’s another look at the DB5 Angler Fish mask that released yesterday on Also be sure to check out the footage of the live chop that went down at the 8 and 9 booth during Agenda Long Beach last year. That was definitely one of the more memorable Live Chops as I remember clearly hearing one girl scream out “Oh God NO! Does he know what he’s cutting up right now?”… haha rest assured I definitely knew what was on my Chopping Block. I’ve got a pretty strong history cutting up beloved Jordan 5s, after all my first Jordan 5 mask was made from the infamous Bin 23s. And let’s not forget No.100 the elephant gas mask made out of 3Lab5s. Then there were the Grapes, University Blues and I even have something in the works with the Wolf Greys. Don’t worry, not even the Supreme 5s are safe as those too are on their way to my Chopping Block.

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