Pre-Orders Up! No. 104 Jordan 1 Mask Only $250


My resin casting began as I wanted to make translucent red gas mask parts for the Bred 11 gas mask, that became a new platform for my creativity and love for sneakers in the form of lace locks. From mini sneaker gas masks to kyrptonite to ancient scarabs to designer skulls with the help of my wife Betsy we cast lace locks in numerous styles and colors. The resin transformed again into Terra Cotta Warriors and Greek disc throwers. Today it comes full circle as I present the very first full-size, wearable, hand-cast sneaker mask.

Click here to Pre-Order now before they’re all gone!

Series 1 : Black : Limited to 12 pieces. Comes with wax sealed Authenticity Card signed by the artist. Foam liners & neoprene strap included.

These masks are hand cast resin versions of my 104th sneaker mask created from Black Ostrich Jordan 1s. The original mask was molded in silicone and the resin prototype was shaped, sculpted, carved, sanded and polished before being remolded. We are perfecting the neoprene strap system and foam liners for those of you who want to wear your mask.

These masks are durable, washable and paintable! They weigh about 2 pounds and at just $250 are a great opportunity to own a sneaker mask by Freehand Profit without having to be a Powerball winner.

Head over to the official Freehand Profit shop at There you’ll find masks, 1 of a kind works, limited edition pieces, lace locks, socks, patches, coins and more.




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