New Mask! No. 109 “Miami Rose” WoW3 Gas Mask

Like the other Way of Wade masks recently unveiled, this mask was a part of the Vibes305 event during Art Basel. Put together by Gil Green & 305 Films, I created 5 Way of Wade masks which were then passed on to talented video/photographers to invision and translate. The “Miami Rose” Way of Wade 3 Gas Mask was used by Gil Green himself in his piece. Gil says he saw the mask as a way of protecting the model from the mainstream concepts of what’s beautiful. This resonates deep with me and my own intent with the work; which I’ve described as a wish that there was something that could filter the negativity from the world around me. Insults, ignorance, even misunderstandings can be poisonous and choking… as can distorted body image or tainted sense of self due to the unrealistic beauty “standards” women face on a daily basis. – Freehand Profit

Miami Rose WoW3 Gas Mask by Freehand Profit
The 109th sneaker mask created by Freehand Profit. Made from a single pair of “Miami Rose” Way of Wade 3s by Li-Ning. Find out more about the work on

“Gas Face is a video installation that was shown at VIBES 305 Event at Art Basel 2015. The installation is part of a collaborative art project sponsored by Li-Ning / Way Of Wade. Artists were given a handcrafted gas mask made by Freehand Profit and created out of Li-Ning sneakers. They were then asked to showcase what the mask represents. My interpretation of this mask, is the concept and perception of beauty in today’s society. The woman with dread locks represents natural beauty. The falling Barbie dolls represent social pressures and media telling our young daughters what beautiful should look like at an early age, and creating conceptions within their heads of how to perceive beauty. Our woman wears her gas mask to repel these negative forces and hold on to her own self perception of beauty. God made us all beautiful in our own unique way.” – Gil Green

Check out more photos of the 109th sneaker mask by Freehand Profit below:

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