No.105 “Code Red” WoW3s Gas Mask

"Code Red" Way of Wade 3 Gas Mask by Freehand Profit
The 105th sneaker mask created by Freehand Profit. Made from a single pair of “Code Red” Way of Wade 3s by Li-Ning. Find out more about the work on

The red nubuck and black speckled, almost stingray-esque, suede upper transformed into the head of a dragon with the patterened lining engulfed into a ball of flame in the form of the air canister. Of course it’s sealed with the sole and finished with a 3M braided tail with glow in the dark #UNDSkull lace lock carved and cast by hand.

Perhaps the most asked question I get is how long each mask takes. But with so much variety in the sneaker masks I create the timeframe it takes to complete or that I’m alloted for a project changes from mask to mask. I often say that a mask takes on average 6 weeks – 6 months. That’s from chop to construction to photoshoot to release. But sometimes a project or opportunity arises that there’s just not that much time available. In 2015 I faced challenges on all ends of the spectrum, from making 3 Converse masks in 6 days for a commerical or making 5 Way of Wade masks in 2 weeks for a collaborative show during Art Basel to spending more than a year building my 100th mask – an elephant gas mask – and filming the entire process. There’s no formula or hard answer when it comes to making art, there can be – if that’s part of the artist’s process. I have rules that I’ve stuck to, others I’ve bent. Some I’ve even thrown out. I don’t plot the hours each mask takes, like any work of art. It’s just done when it’s done.

My 105th sneaker mask was 1 of the 5 masks created for the Vibes305 event during Art Basel 2015. Each mask was then shipped to different photographs for their interpretation. The “Code Red” Way of Wade 3 Gas Mask was sent to Derick G, and interestingly enough it was Derick’s space where 8 and 9 first hosted me and my masks during Art Basel back in 2012. It was a pleasure to have things come full circle like this. All thanks to Gil Green who put it all together with the team at 305 Films.

Check out Freehand’s Gallery below and then scroll down to see the photos by Derick G ( mildly NSFW ::smirk:: )

@Derick_G ❌ @FreeHandProfit #Vibes305 #ArtBasel2015 #DerickG #IAE

A post shared by Derick G (@derick_g) on

@Derick_G ❌ @FreeHandProfit #Vibes305 #ArtBasel2015 #DerickG #IAE

A post shared by Derick G (@derick_g) on

@Derick_G ❌ @FreeHandProfit #Vibes305 #ArtBasel2015 #DerickG #IAE

A post shared by Derick G (@derick_g) on

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