History of the Hellafant

Tonight’s release is about more than just 100 masks. It’s a celebration of the path, the overcoming of obstacles, about documenting the beautiful struggle that an artist takes to make a dream into a reality. My “Hellafant” is an elephant gas mask graphic that I designed during MASK365. MASK365 was a daily project I began in 2010 which birthed not only the sneaker gas masks I’m best known for but also a body of work that predates the sneaker masks, the Hellafant comes from that body of work – I called it the Guerrilla Art Squadron, or G.A.S. Masks for short. More than 100 creatures and characters created in full vector symmetry in Adobe Illustrator.


As time passed I continued to flesh it out more, expanding my knowledge base and abilities and then applying that in an effort to make this thing real.


And then I was obsessed with digital illustration… wish I had a bit more time for it still tell you the truth.

Hellafant in Jungle

It became a beloved tee from the very first run of my clothing line Profit Ink.

Mason Hellafant
Hellafant White 03
Julio Tellez wearing Profit Ink Hellafant tee from 2010

In just minutes it becomes real… stay tuned.

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