Daily Routine Revamp

As I dial in my new creative routines I’ve found the need to redirect my intentions and aspirations. Even as a veteran daily creative (MASK365 was my year long daily creative project, published through this Blog and FREEHANDPROFIT.com) I suffered interruptions. I had to pause ‘The Freehand Files’, my current daily creative project in which I remaster photos of every single mask and even uncover unreleased photos of many – it was put on hold for a week while I was unable to access my office (we were evacuated due to #RockyFire). Once I was back in the office and had access to the work, The Freehand Files were back.

My other daily routine of sketching however, despite having being at it longer, still felt like a chore. I found it difficult to maintain the momentum. So I reassessed what I wanted from that daily creative routine. The answer was I wanted to refresh and hone my drawing skills, I would say the same about my design skills therefore:

I don’t need more time for design work, I just need to fold it in with my sketch time, design and art have always been intertwined for me anyway. 

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