#NikiasZephyr Series 1 Unveiled: The newest art figure by Freehand Profit

Solar Jade 02 Nikias Zephyr Freehand Profit Art Figure Series 1

Army of the UNDS Nikias Zephyr (Art Figure / Magnetic Desk Accessory) by Freehand Profit

Pre-Orders shipped out yesterday (a week ahead of schedule) but there are still a few colors remaining of the newest artwork by Freehand Profit.

Click HERE to Order Yours!

Nicknamed Nikias Zephyr, Nikias is an Ancient Greek name derived from the word ‘nike’ meaning ‘victory’. Zephyr (also a Greek word) means ‘a breeze from the West.’

Only 1 of each color in each size will be made, at this time only the 8″ figure is available for order. This is Series I of Myron’s ‘Discobolus’ (Ancient Greek sculpture) inspired figure by Freehand Profit. His second figure in an ancient Armageddon series, this piece dons Jordan 3s and a mask based on Freehand’s ‘White Cement III Gas Mask’.

This 8″ figure is limited edition and features a strong magnetic disc that can be used to hold notes, photographs or other small items in place.

Made from hand cast resin – all done by Freehand Profit and his wife Betsy VanDeusen. Each piece is cast individually and no 2 will be the same. Only 1 of each color way in each size will be available. At this time only 8″ figures are currently available, 2 smaller figures will release in following months.

Piece measures 8″ tall, about 6″ wide and 4″ deep. A great addition to any desk or studio space.

Check out the full gallery of Series 1 below:


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