Presenting a whole new


The new is LIVE and so are Pre-Orders for the brand new #NikiasZephyr art figure! My 2nd release in what I’m tentatively titling the ‘Ancient Armageddon Series’ is inspired by Myron’s “Discobolus” from 450 BC. It features a sneaker gas mask inspired by the White Cement III Gas Mask and also has a strong magnetic disc that can hold notes or other small objects. Only 1 of each color will be made in the 8″ size so head over to the shop to grab yours before they’re gone!

“Golden Quartz” 8″ #NikiasZephyr art figure by Freehand Profit. 1 of 1.

It ain’t easy juggling the creative and business aspects of being an independent artist. A lot of making new and inspiring artwork is taking leaps of faith and failing hard, those are not necessarily the traits you need to rely on when you’re growing a small business. Finding a balance is key, but not something I’m very good at. I want to be in the studio turning some of these ideas into realities, just to make space in an overcrowded mind. It’s important though to follow through on projects that will add to your efficiency, even painful ones like overhauling your website. With the new site up you can browse a current portfolio of masks and shop the online store for lace locks, collector’s items and 1 of a kind works of art. You can also see a brand new section, ‘RESIN’, where you can find photos of my cast resin art figures and more. If you’re feeling like digging through the archives, the old site is still in tact and can be found by simply clicking ‘BLOG’ – now titled “Welcome to the Chopping Block”. There, or HERE rather since you’re reading the BLOG now, you’ll also find me making an attempt to write more… as you can clearly see. When I first set this blog up it was as more of a blog, to share, explore, rant, and experiment – I’d like to get back to that and add some more “behind the scenes” material to the BLOG. So stay tuned! – Freehand Profit

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