Freehand Profit creates Air Jordan 1 mask for Tech N9ne’s “Band of Psycho” Tour

Jordan 1 "Dave White" Mask by Freehand Profit

The 87th sneaker mask might be a little more strange than the last – SCRATCH THAT – WAY MORE STRANGE! As a big fan of Tech N9ne & Strange Music I couldn’t have asked for a doper compliment than to find out he was a fan of mine as well. Both in my work and on a personal level, I’ve always been heavily influenced Hip-Hop – to see it come full circle means a helluva a lot. Betsy and I had the pleasure of meeting Tech while he was in LA a few months back performing “Fragile” on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Today I’m proud to officially unveil this mask made from a single pair of the “Dave White” Jordan 1s. It will be worn by the Alien Warr, the drummer for Tech on his ‘BAND of PSYCHOS’ Tour.

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Jordan 1 "Dave White" Mask by Freehand Profit

For the photo shoot the mask was worn by professional dancer and member of the Bone Breakers of Brooklyn – “Slick” Nick Stewart. He is one of the innovators of the new dance style called “Flexin”. Slick’s group debuted on Americas best Dance Crew Season 3, the Ringmasters Crew, in 2010. “I love to dance, thats how I let go of my emotions.”  His most recent work is “Step up all in” on the Grim Knights crew were he has two solos.



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  1. Juan Perez says:

    Where do you get all the masks parts

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