Air Jordan VIII “Playoff” Gas Mask

Air Jordan "Playoff" 8 Gas Mask by Freehand Profit

Appropriately enough, the 80th sneaker mask I’ve created was made from Air Jordan 8s. This is the first mask I’ve made using the Jordan 8 model and was made using just a single pair of “Playoff” Retros from 2013.  The mask features carved lens frames to imitate the VIII’s midsole while the shoe’s liner overflows to the gas mask’s air canister. When the Jordan 8 first released in ’93 with it’s straps, plush padding and carpeted tongue it was a big change from the previous minimalist Jordan 7 design – all the excess of the Jordan VIII meant plenty of materials for me to work with.

Air Jordan "Playoff" 8 Gas Mask by Freehand Profit

The lining of the Playoff 8s reminds me of modern art like that of Mondrian so Betsy VanDeusen and I shot the Playoff 8s mask at the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). Specifically, among the many lamps of Chris Burden’s Urban Light. Be sure to check out the full gallery below for 23 photos of this one of a kind art piece.

“Some of us wear masks to protect our humanity, others are demons wearing humanity as a mask.” – Freehand Profit

To find out more about the work and what it means check out the FAQ Section.

The shirt worn here is from 8 & 9 MFG CO and can be found in a few color ways on The Playoff 8 mask was commissioned by a collector, for more information on purchasing artwork from Freehand Profit please check out the online shop.

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  1. Duncan Lam says:

    very good~sell ??me very like jordan 8~ t_t~ 正!!!

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