67th Sneaker Mask by Freehand Profit made from Adidas Jeremy Scott Denim Wings

Adidas x Jeremy Scott Denim Wings Mask by Freehand Profit

Today’s mask release was first unveiled at “Fresh to Death”, a group art show put together by Freehand Profit & Rosewood San Diego. The “JS Denim Wings” mask is the 67th sneaker mask by Freehand Profit and now belongs to Rosewood San Diego, the gallery where FP also had his first solo show last year (“Rise of the Undeadstock”). Dante (@bdrowley), owner of RSWDSD (Rosewood San Diego), modeled the Adidas x JS Denim Wings Mask for the photo shoot the morning of the “Fresh to Death” opening.

Check out the full photo gallery below

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Zach says:

    Absolutely jaw dropping man. Definitely one of my favorite masks that you’ve done! Your art is so inspiring & I will continue to be a huge fan.
    Follow me on IG it’d would be a huge honor. @illicustoms

  2. tomas says:

    where can i purchase one? shut up and take my money

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