Happy 420! Nike SB “Skunk” Dunk Mask

_Skunk Dunk Mask 14
Freehand Profit modeling the mask during some test shots. Photo by @betsyvandeusen. Big thanks to our friends at @primitiveshoes (primitiveshoes.com) for the dope ‘420 Kingston’ tee.

This is for all my smokers! Here’s a lil something to soak in whether your catchin’ vapors, splittin’ blunts, rollin’ spliffs, packing bowls or dabbin’ – proud to present my 82nd sneaker mask made from a single pair of 2010 Nike SB by Todd Bratrud.

Skunk Dunk Mask by Freehand Profit with glass attachments by @nurvglass & @hoobsglass, bong attachment by @nurvglass.
Skunk Dunk Mask by Freehand Profit with glass attachments by @nervglass & @hoobsglass, bong attachment by @nurvglass. Lace locks by Freehand Profit available on freehandprofit.bigcartel.com

I’ve known for a long time the pressure that comes with dissecting “grail” status kicks. These are a fantastic example of just that. That knowledge forces me to really push a piece like this, it’s gotta be perfect, it’s gotta be unarguably amazing to justify the sacrifice. And of course this, like the “Cheech & Chong” SB mask I created in 2011, also answers one of the most frequently asked questions: “Can you smoke out it doe?” Thanks to @nervglass for creating this bong attachment.

_Skunk Dunk Mask 03
Skunk Dunk Mask by Freehand Profit with bong attachment by @nervglass.

Special thanks to MNR CoOp in Woodland Hills, CA for allowing me to photograph the Skunk Dunk Mask in their facilities. If you’re looking for top shelf meds check them out. Prop D compliant. If you want to see the mask in person head on over, it’ll be on display with them for 4/20!  (And you don’t even have to be a script holder to see it!)

_Skunk Dunk Mask 09

I also created custom lace locks for @kick_ups who commissioned the mask and modeled it at the MNR CoOp. Check out the photo below for a closer look at the clear mini Dunk gas masks with big beautiful buds embedded into them. These customs are not available to the public but as an addition to today’s sensimillia celebration I’m also offering 2 quick strike colors of my yet to be released Dunk #FPLocks (lace locks inspired by my SB Dunk gas masks). Available for today only you can snag a pair in Sticky Green or Killa Purps – or both =). Hit up freehandprofit.bigcartel.com for more info and a chance to buy. Tomorrow will be too late, don’t miss this quick strike of lace lock art.

_Skunk Dunk Mask 17

If you can’t make it to Woodland Hills today because you’re baked and stuffed with chocolate rabbit parts you can see the mask on April 26th as it will be on display at Thnk Tnk Gallery in LA with @hoobsglass.

This shoot was also a great learning opportunity as a photographer. The high pressure sodium lights used in growing marijuana produce a very strong yellow orange light. Growers have special blue tint glasses to protect their eyes, luckily I was able to track down a lens filter in a similar blue which corrected the light as I shot. Check out the gallery below and you’ll find  an example of the extreme lighting.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. George Yat says:

    Can you purchase this by any chance?

    1. I do sell my artwork/masks but they are all 1 of 1 and this piece has already sold.

      1. javon brooks says:

        Can I pre order

  2. Mike says:

    It would be my dream to have these but yeah love ya work man peace and love

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