A Look At 14 Unreleased Masks

Kickin’ off the new year right with a look at 14 unreleased masks. Take a look at the gallery below and be sure to cast your vote for which mask(s) should be the first release of 2014.

Masks have long been cultural mile markers during times of change. They allow us to explore the paradoxes we face both within ourselves and with the world around us. Masks also have the paradoxical power to form as well as obscure one’s identity. The sneaker masks I create are also a paradox – hoping to re-evaluate our materialism at the same time it celebrates the beauty of the object of desire (the sneakers). As an artist and Hip-Hop head I explore these contradictions in order to better understand the truth of who we are.

A. David Napier began his book ‘Masks, Transformation and Paradox’ with a quote from Herman Melville; I think it rings true to the masks I’m creating as well:

“… that author who draws a character, even though to common view incongruous in its part, as the flying squirrel, and, at different periods, as much at variance with itself as the butterfly is from the caterpillar from which it changes, may yet, in so doing, be not false but faithful to facts.”

My take on it is this: “Sometimes the most absurd rings the most true.”

-Freehand Profit

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Shad Metcalf says:

    I like any Air Jordan mask you make!

  2. L.Greene says:

    Work is dope!! How can I optain 1??

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