Double Up: Two New Jordan Masks by Freehand Profit

Ok, I’ll admit it, I totally forgot Tuesday was the 15th! (New masks every 1st and 15th here on

To make up for the delay, I’m droppin’ 2 Air Jordan masks on you. And of course they had to add up to 23 (23 photos too).

Air Jordan XIII "Bred" Gas Mask by Freehand Profit

The Bred XIII Mask is modeled by Martel from SD Sneaker Swap. We met up back in April just before the first SD Sneaker Swap and just weeks before my solo show at Rosewood (also in San Diego).  Folks at SD Sneaker Swap got the first look at the Jordan “Bred” XIII mask, the mask also went on to be 1 of 13 masks as part of “Rise of the Undeadstock” (the solo show mentioned above).

Air Jordan XIII "Bred" Gas Mask by Freehand Profit

The SD Sneaker Swap was a great success and the 2nd Swap is right around the corner. Their last event was a helluva good time and I got the chance to meet some really amazing people from the SD sneaker community. Come kick it with me and the San Diego fam on October 26th, check out the flyer below for more info. Be sure to follow @sdsneakerswap on IG!


For those of you new to my art, you can find out more about why I make this work in the FAQ or Interviews & Publications pages. The reasons why are numerous and in-depth, much of which I addressed in my book ‘Army of the Undeadstock‘ and through various artist statements from numerous art shows.  These masks are a reflection of the society around us through a Hip-Hop voice; the duality of embracing our materialism and knowing the wrongs facing our world. This comes from my own passion for Hip-Hop, both the mainstream (materialist) and the underground (consciousness). The masks also examine issues of identity for our generation as we form our own image of self through how we dress, whether flashy or plain. These masks are not intended as fashion, but instead are art that is inspired by and deals with ideas of fashion, style and culture. Masks are an ancient art form, I choose the gas mask as the mask to represent our modern times – the gas mask appears in so many aspects of life – civil unrest, atrocities at war, environmental disaster, the continuing promise of the next apocalypse.

Air Jordan X "Steel" Gas Mask by Freehand Profit

The Steel X mask is modeled by Dante Rowley, artist/sneakerhead and owner of Rosewood San Diego. We met up to shoot this mask as Dante’s solo show was up at his unique gallery/boutique. Be sure to catch us in December for ‘Fresh to Death’ – a group art show and charity art auction brought to you by Freehand Profit x Rosewood x SneakerHead Confessions.

Air Jordan X "Steel" Gas Mask by Freehand Profit

Are you a sneakerhead artist? Or an artist with a passion for style? We’re looking for artists to be a part of ‘Fresh to Death’. Artists can submit 1-3 pieces for the show, 1 of the works however must be eligible for the charity art auction which will go to benefit The Boys & Girls Club.  You can submit your work to FRESHTODEATHART@GMAIL.COM if you’re interested in being a part of this one of a kind art show.


Air Jordan X "Steel" Gas Mask by Freehand Profit

This mask was commissioned by Reggie Williams, star guard of the Houston Rockets. All masks are 1 of 1, you can find out more about how to purchase a mask here.

Rosewood San Diego is the perfect blend of sneaker boutique and art gallery. Such a combination clearly sets itself as a favorite shop of mine. As my fellow footwear connoisseurs will attest to, no “sneakerheads” are built the same and Rosewood has a something for all types.  Whether you’re only after the gems like PEs, samples or ‘hypebeast’ bait or if you’re like me and can’t turn down a dope shoe at a steal of a price, Rosewood San Diego got you.

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