New Mask made from Air Jordan 3 “White Cements”

White Cement III Gas Mask by Freehand Profit

Originally unveiled at ‘Rise of the Undeadstock’ (Freehand Profit’s solo show at ROSEWOOD SAN DIEGO), today I bring you the ‘White Cement’ III Mask in never before seen photos.  This mask was commissioned by a collector so it will not be available for purchase. (If you’re interested in owning one of the 1 of 1 artworks you can purchase one herethere’s also a raffle open thru 10/5)

The sweatshirt and t-shirt seen in these photos are from 8 and 9 Clothing.

White Cement III Gas Mask by Freehand Profit

We mask ourselves everyday. To conceal our true identity, otherwise the snakes around us might sense our kindness, or worse our weakness. We put on masks that can give us identity, often not wearing them on our faces… but our feet. Fashion and Style, the new Gods of fate and legacy. Other times the masks are there to protect us – to shield our lungs from the noxious, poisonous, vile fumes of hate, negativity and lies. To wear a mask is a rite of passage, a cocoon that gives us temporary shelter to grow – but eventually we must remove our mask – just in time to replace it, with another.

Freehand Profit

Special thanks to my lovely fiance, Betsy VanDeusen, for her help with the shoot. Also a big thanks to our friend @dubstepslap415 for his help and part during our photo shoots in San Francisco.

Don’t Miss the Raffle!

Click here to purchase raffle tickets

$3/ticket to enter the raffle. 

Simply click here to purchase your raffle ticket from (No Cap)

One winner will be chosen at random to receive this one of a kind work of art (Masks normally sell for $2000-3000).

This raffle will be for the All Star 2012 Dunk Hi “Galaxy” Mask

That includes:

+ the 1 of 1 All Star 2012 “Galaxy” Nike Dunk High Gas Mask by Freehand Profit

+20×30″ autographed Limited Edition, archival art print

+custom made head display

+adjustable wall mount

+signed Certificate of Authenticity


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Syrhetta Hayes says:

    How much would you charge to make me that jordan 3 gas mask I’ve been wanting a custom gas mask and undid google search and found you and I’m also a die hard raider fan as well those are to two mask that I would love to have customs of

  2. Syrhetta Hayes says:

    Can you please hit me up about a custom mask i want you to make it

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