Air Jordan “Raptor 7” Mask by Freehand Profit

Air Jordan "Raptor 7s" Gas Mask by Freehand Profit

Despite releasing 3 masks on the 1st and a bonus mask released just 5 days ago, I couldn’t let the 15th go by without releasing another mask. This time it’s the Air Jordan “Raptor 7s” (2012 Retro). The pair was originally chopped live at 8&9’s Pop Up Shop in Wynwood Art District during Art Basel 2012. And since the folks from 8&9 Clothing also were the ones to sacrifice the pair of Jordan 7s it made sense to unveil the mask for the first time when we teamed up once again for SneakerCon Miami (June 2013) – be sure to check out the blog on for photos and a recap of the event. Even the photo shoot was collaborative as I got to hang out with 8&9 photographer @SmithographyArt and the infamous @BrainGang_D (who modeled the Raptor 7 mask) as they shot new gear for the season. To tie everything back in, we went back to Wynwood to shoot the mask among the street art from Art Basel 2012. The piece seen in these pictures was done by Stefan Ways at The Art Place.

Interested in purchasing this mask? Hit up to buy this one of a kind piece or simply click here.

In case you missed them, check out the awesome interviews I did with 8and9 and Universe Miami during Art Basel 2012.

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