KD IV “N7” Mask: A Throwback Release

_November 4 masks 887 copy

You may have seen this piece before but the KD IV “N7” mask was never officially released on freehandprofit.com. When I created it for DJ SKEE last year I included it as 1 of 10 exclusive and never-before-seen masks featured in my book “Army of the Undeadstock”. It’s been a helluva ride since then, the book is sold out in the States and the KD IV “N7” mask has made it onto SKEE TV, SKEE also featured the mask while sharing his collection with Nice Kicks… hell even The Game had to put it on. Despite that most folks have yet to see the first, and so far the only, Nike KD mask. Take a look as DJ SKEE and Charlton Yu (from Burger365) model this Throwback Thursday mask.

DJ SKEE modeled the KD IV mask at Tradition in Beverly Hills.
DJ SKEE modeled the KD IV mask at Tradition in Beverly Hills.


Most masks are made of just a single pair. When Skee said he wanted to use KD IVs for his mask I knew the lows wouldn’t be enough material, luckily he chose a color way that came in 2 options. We chose to use both the black and white versions of the “N7” color way. Nike’s N7 collection ‘is inspired by Native American wisdom of the Seven Generations: In every deliberation we must consider the impact of our decisions on the seventh generation’.

I am looking forward to the day that we can discuss my work for its artistic merit but most folks still can’t see past the simple destruction of shoes. Others are confused by the blur of fashion and art within the work but the masks aren’t intended to be worn as fashion. Instead fashion is used as a visual language within the photographs (which carry as much weight as the masks themselves.) Am I sculptor or a photographer? I’m both – in fact neither would be as powerful without the other.

In case you missed the episode of SKEE Locker

DJ SKEE showing off his custom mask during Nice Kicks’ “Sneak Peek: Inside DJ Skee’s Sneaker Closet pt. 1” (starts at 11:00)


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