Another restock? No, BRED XIs like you never seen.

Just touched down last night, fresh back from San Antonio – still got some of that stale airplane air in my lungs. Too bad I’ll never be able to wear one of these masks on a plane (Note to self: photo shoot). It was worth it though, San Antonio is a beautiful city yo! I went out to be a part of Sneakerpalooza Vol. 4 thanks to the great folks at Sole Boutique. It was a helluva day filled with awesome performances by Stak5, Big K.R.I.T. & one of my all time favorite emcees, Talib Kweli. Folks who came out to the show also had the opportunity to see 3 never-before-seen masks that will be unveiled later this year (hint: they had a serious buzz too ’em). They also witnessed the Live Chop of the Lebron 9 “Freegums” for Dubstepslap415‘s next mask. I met a lot of really great folks out there in San Antonio and I’m looking forward to my next trip out there. Maybe in March for Sneaker Palooza vol 5, too soon to tell but I hope so!

"Bred" Jordan XI (11) Gas Mask by Freehand Profit

Today’s the 15th though, and you know what that means… another mask! After countless restocks this may not ruffle as many hypebeast feathers, maybe if they knew I had completed this before the restocks (or at least most of ’em, I lost track by now). The mask (like all my work) is 1 of 1 and was commissioned by Sly DelVecchio.

"Bred" Jordan XI (11) Gas Mask by Freehand Profit

The mask is modeled by my good friend Julio, he also modeled the Cheech & Chong SB mask and is a true Bulls fan. Big thanks to Burn Rubber Detroit for the killer crew seen in the photos. The tee was from my online shop, sorry though folks if you ain’t got it, you ain’t gonna get it. Always Limited, Never Reprinted. The BREDnose Pit tees are now sold out but don’t worry new tees, new colorways and new designs are coming soon.

Check out the full gallery below.

I do want to take a moment to say that the news of the Zimmerman verdict has been heavy on my mind and heart. I heard the news first during Talib Kweli’s performance, something I feel somewhat lucky for because of what he had to say to the crowd. Talib has been the type of emcee to guide by not just his lyrics but his actions and by example. He spoke on the matter: “It’s not a black or a white thing, it’s a right thing. Everyone of us has the right to walk through our [neighbor]hood without getting shot.” Talib also mentioned that at Trayvon’s age, he like many of us could have been portrayed in the same light but have gone on to do good for this world. Truly the saddest realization is that society fears it’s youth.

14 Comments Add yours

  1. Daniel says:

    I would love to have one. How much for one? .Please reaply

  2. jose barragan says:

    colud you do my galaxy kobes

  3. brandon says:

    How much for a bred11 mask??

  4. poloxchange says:

    Doing a sneaker event in Atlanta want link with you…reposted on instagram….it’s there another way to contact you besides Twitter….ig me @poloxchange

  5. Can you make me a Jordan 11 bred and legend blue gas mask

    1. I do sell my work, they are all 1 of 1 and the Bred 11s mask now belongs to collector, the Legend Blues are available for a commission. Here’s the best place to find info on purchasing artwork:

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