Double Feature: Supreme Dunk & USMC Combat Boot Gas Masks by @freehandprofit

Nike SB x Supreme Dunk Gas Mask

One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do… not difficult, not out of the norm for me… but nonetheless chopping a 10 year old pair of grail status Supreme Dunks made my hairs stand on end. When Deadstockanonymous approached me to commission a new mask he had big things in mind. Not only was he going to sacrifice the 2012 Supremes but the 2002s as well? We had to take it to a whole ‘nother level. He really threw down the gauntlet when he asked me to include lights.

Nike SB x Supreme Dunk Gas Mask

I know very little about electronics, I have a reasonable grasp on the concepts but the execution can get tricky. So I went to someone who I know loves to tinker with shit, my dad. I’m very close with my father and I credit his do-it-yourself nature for influencing my work in a number of ways. I was really excited to be able to collaborate on a mask with him. In fact, my original plan only involved the LED lights in the canister – but with when he showed me what we could do with EL wire (electroluminescent wire) I was blown away.

Nike SB x Supreme Dunk Gas Mask

Deadstockanonymous is a sneakerhead and DJ, however (simply because of location and because he likes to remain as anonymous as possible) for the photo shoot the mask was modeled by my good friend and DJ himself, DOS!K. Long time fans & followers may recognize that name from the KHARMA mixtape we collaborated on during MASK365, DOS!K also modeled the very first Jordan gas mask made from the Lakers 1s.

Nike SB x Supreme Dunk Gas Mask

For more pics, check out the gallery below!

Since I chose today to do a Double Feature (a new mask is usually released every 1st & 15th), I’m also unveiling the USMC Combat Boot mask. The boots were donated by USMC SGT Gonzalezchacon E.G. – he wore them during deployment in Afghanistan in 2009 and some of 2012. I shot the mask with SGT Gonzalezchacon at Rocky Peak Park in Simi Valley, CA with the help of my fiance Betsy VanDeusen.

USMC Combat Book Gas Mask

The USMC Combat features a scar on the right side that was made by shrapnel from an IED (luckily the boot protected his foot and the shrapnel didn’t make it all the way through). It also features a resin cast bulldog skull replica (The English bulldog is the mascot of the Marine Corps). I also put a clear coating over the sole in order to preserve the sand and mud still lodged in the soles. This 1 of kind USMC Combat Boot mask is being auctioned online and 100% of the sale will go to the Wounded Warriors Project. The auction will be held using eBay’s charity feature: Giving Works.

USMC Combat Book Gas Mask

CLICK TO VIEW and/or BID on this 1 of a kind art piece to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Project.

USMC Combat Book Gas Mask

USMC Combat Book Gas Mask

About the Wounded Warrior Project

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  1. Brian Ariza says:

    how can I buy one need two

  2. Can you make a mask out of lebron 11’s that looks like the galaxy (blue and purple with white speckels) for me.

    Email me at, for a picture of the shoes

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