Freehand Profit & Drunk Off Shoes present the Fire Red IV Mask

You know what it is, every 1st & 15th I’m bringing you a new mask. Today I’m proud to present a piece created for Drunk Off Shoes in Montreal. Chopped & crafted from a single pair of Air Jordan Fire Red IVs, this time with a twist. No gas mask here, instead the Fire Red IV mask was built on an Iron Man mask base. Being a big fan of the Marvel Universe, I chose to keep certain elements with the Tony Stark influence. First you’ll notice the shape of the lenses stick with the Iron Man theme, other lines and shapes like the lines coming down the front from eyes to mouth will look familiar as well.


This past Monday I flew into Montreal for the first time. Drunk Off Shoes, a Montreal-based sneaker broker, has been a long time supporter and collector. DOS have been backing the work like the GMP masks and the Olympic 180 Air mask (currently unreleased – follow @drunkoffshoes on IG for sneak peeks). This Saturday – May 18th – they’ll be bringing you Sneaker Lifestyle 2013 (click for more info via Facebook), a sneaker and sneaker art event right here in Montreal. You won’t want to miss this event, I’ll be there signing and selling prints as well as a LIVE CHOP sponsored by Reebok, the completed mask will be raffled off to attendees but only if you buy your ticket so don’t miss your chance to win a highly coveted sneaker mask. Come by to sell/buy/trade kicks, see multiple masks in person, kick it with me and the Drunk Off Shoes crew while DJ Quest keeps the 1s and 2s spinning. Big thanks to DJ Deleon and Jimmy Choo aka @badboychoochoo for all their help as well!


The event is sponsored by vendors like Mitchell & Ness, Starter, SUBV, RBK, Reebok Classic, DJ Toddy Flores, Kings & Gods, Artcore Clothing, Boro Clothing, PREZ-ONE, KORchains, Hype Energry, AQUAHYDRATE & more! Seriously not to be missed!

Peep this video brought to you by DJ DELEON for a sneak peek at the Grape V mask that will be on display at Sneaker Lifestyle 2013.

Live performances by DJ Quest, Deadly Venoms, The Posterz, Friday AKA Ricky Dred, DON SMOOVE, BSWAG, DJ Toddy FloresDJ Goldenchild, DJ Sun,  DJ Payce & more!

Other artists to be featured included Bryan Beyung, Jennifer Aquino aka @jboogs317, Gene Pendon, Jonas aka @jgbxxii


Speaking of not to miss events, be sure to come out to SUBV for an Army of the Undeadstock book signing on Friday May 17th. Not only will I be there but San Diego poet and co-author of Army of the Undeadstock, B(e) Selah, will also be there signing books and prints with me. The book is SOLD OUT everywhere online, these are the very last copies of the 1st Edition book. There will be a 2nd Edition but it won’t be as heavy duty as the 1st Edition so don’t sleep on this opportunity. See you there!

The t-shirt is another classic brought to you by 8 & 9 Clothing, hit up for the freshest gear on the streets. Use 00Freehand for a discount!

The sweatshirt is from PROFITink and is sold out but new colorways will be releasing in the fall.

More info on the book signing, just click here!


Be sure to check out the gallery below for more photos from the shoot. Big thanks to the lovely Betsy VanDeusen for her part in the photo shoot!

10 Comments Add yours

  1. amlockwo says:

    You never cease to amaze me – this one looks great. Photos are also outstanding!

  2. Pure Awesomeness says:

    One word – Dooe!

  3. steven delarosa says:


  4. Aundrea says:

    Do you sell any of your gas masks? You’re brilliant and so fucking talented! Amazing.

  5. Devin1255 says:

    OMFG bro I love your shit man. Do you think I can get some stickers from u to advertise or put up I’m new to your stuff I LOVE IT!

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