RISE of the UNDEADSTOCK: Freehand Profit Solo Show opens at @RSWDSD THIS FRIDAY!


Just 48 hours left until the opening of my very first solo show. The event will take place at ROSEWOOD SAN DIEGO (be sure to follow @rswdsd on Twitter/IG) and will be open 6PM-9PM for a private reception & open bar. If you’d like to attend please RSVP to info@rswdsd.com.

I’ve been working feverishly in the lab to bring a wide selection masks together for this show. Thanks to private collectors, I will be showing masks never before seen works (like the Jordan Infrared 6 mask) as well as crowd favorites (like the Jordan Concord XI – now with improved canister & lenses). Not just Js though, the show will feature masks made from Adidas, Reebok, Nike & Nike SB (of course!).

I will be displaying 13 pieces, including never before seen sneaker gas masks. I will also be unveiling the highly anticipated Boba Fett SB Helmet. If you’re in the SoCal area you are not going to want to miss this. Come celebrate the occasion, enjoy some artwork & hang out with the SD sneaker community.

If you’ve been looking to buy a mask this is your best opportunity! It will also be the last chance to purchase a 1st Edition copy of “Army of the Undeadstock” (sold out online both on PROFITink.com & Amazon.com)*. Less than 10 left so don’t sleep on it!

Hope to see you there! – FP

Here’s an excerpt from my artist statement:

My first passion has always been art but Hip-Hop became my mistress. She first tempted me in grade school with Snoop Dogg’s ‘Doggystyle’, in middle school she introduced me to graffiti and emcees/rappers like Bone Thugs N Harmony and Busta Rhymes, in high school Method Man & Redman sealed my allegiance to the beat of Hip-Hop. In 2001, when I arrived at Corcoran College of Art & Design, I set my mind to exploring and expressing the visual languages of Hip-Hop beyond graffiti.

After earning my BFA in 2005 from the Corcoran I moved to LA chasing those Hip-Hop dreams. In 2010 I began a year long creative project inspired by Noah Scalin’s ‘Skull-A-Day’. It was called MASK365 and every day for a year I created/drew/assembled/designed/painted/sculpted a mask and published the work through my site: freehandprofit.com. This creative gauntlet forced me out of my comfort zone and a few months into the project my hunt for new materials led me to tear a Gucci handbag apart at the seams only to reassemble it into a functioning gas mask/purse. The finished work clearly held the key to unlocking my next body of work, but I knew and cared very little about handbags. I wanted to work with materials that I cared about and revered.

Shoes, kicks, sneakers – whatever you call them – have always been a part of Hip-Hop. Run DMC turned the Adidas shell-toe into an icon for a culture. Since then rappers & emcees alike have curated the dress code adding staples like Chucks, Uptowns, Timberland boots, Jordans and Pumas. The shoes on our feet came to represent a part of our identity. The lines, color and textures of sneakers sold today even parallel those used by graffiti artists.

But why the gas mask? Mask making is an ancient art form and I look to link our modern times to this ancient art. The gas mask is the mask of our times, it represents atrocities at war, civil unrest, environmental damnation and works both as a symbol of fear and of protection. It also tips its hat to the keepers of the graffiti flame who wore/wear respirators and masks to protect their lungs from their poisonous art of choice. The ties to Hip-Hop’s original art form deepen when we examine the language within graffiti- the act of painting renamed “bombing” solidified the warlike nature of the art form.

I don’t offer answers in my work, instead I seek to explore issues we face within the Hip-Hop community. Issues of identity, materialism and duality intertwine as the work reflects a world that is in love with objects but that also has a love for a culture & lifestyle. The masks embrace our guilty pleasure while reminding us there are much more important problems at hand. The sacrifice of the shoes I love for the sake of my art is essential.

-Freehand Profit (Gary Lockwood)

*If you’re a Canuck, you’re in luck! 30 copies are on their way to Montreal now for my event with Drunk Off Shoes May 18th. See ya there!

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