No Foolin’! New mask made from infamous Jordan “Bin 23” Vs


 Even I cringed at the thought when my buddy Henry, known as the artist- DeathVSLife, suggested sacrificing his ‘Bin 5’s to the Chopping Block last summer. As I’ve mentioned in interviews, the Vs are my favorite from the Jordan line-up and cutting up a high holy grail like the Bins was daunting. And even though I’m unveiling it today, on April Fools’ Day, trust me it’s nothing to joke about.


It’s not unusual to find: the greater the sacrifice, the greater the reward. I was relieved to find that uber-premium materials that made up the ‘Bin 23’ 5s also allowed for a premium quality mask. When I came across a gas mask with a clear silicone face piece I knew it would pair well with a pair of icy soles. While I worked I thought a lot about the story behind the shoes. Not just Tinker’s P-40 inspriation that surely fuels my love for the Vs, but the story and concept of the “Bin 23” Vs specifically. I heard it first from Henry as he handed his sacrifice over with confidence (I was less confident at that time and more in awe). Luckily you can read about the back story from HYPEBEAST.


This mask was an exclusive to my book ‘Army of the Undeadstock’ when it released last November.  There are still a few copies left of the 1st Edition, the slimmed down Version 1.5 will drop this Spring. ‘Army of the Undeadstock’ First Edition is available NOW on and

The Bin 5 mask also traveled with me to Miami and was on exhibit with 8&9 Clothing Co during Art Basel, some of you may have spotted it in the interview that posted last week. It’ll be the West Coast’s turn to see this piece in person, it will be one of 11 other sneaker gas masks (and a 13th wild card mask) that will be at my first solo show ‘Rise of the Undeadstock’ at ROSEWOOD-SAN DIEGO. You will not want to miss this, anyone who’s been following my posts on IG or Twitter can tell ya that I’ve been working on some serious heat here in the lab. The show, ‘Rise of the Undeadstock’ opens April 19th at ROSEWOOD, be sure to RSVP by email to

This mask belongs to Henry (DeathVSLife) as I mentioned above so it is NOT FOR SALE. He and other collectors have been so kind to loan their pieces to the gallery for the show but there will be new and some classic masks for sale at the opening of ‘Rise of the Undeadstock’. All the masks are 1 of 1, you can find more info about the masks on the Interviews page and/or the FAQ page.

A big thanks to my good friend Charlton over at Caliwood Design Labs for laser engraving the face plate with the trusty Profit brand ambigram. Be sure to head over to his page to check out what awesomely creative hi-jinx he’s up to with his laser minions.

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