Rick Thorne X Freehand Profit: Draven Shoes become the newest #ARMYUNDS mask


While shooting photos of the Louboutin gas mask featured in Army of the Undeadstock I was hanging out with my good friends over at Shamrock Social Club. I’ve been proud to call Shamrock my home for tattoos since my move to LA. On this particular day my brother from another, Cody, introduced me to BMX legend, Rick Thorne. When Cody told Rick about my work, he asked if I’d be interested in making a mask from his signature Draven shoes that he still had deadstock from 2009. The answer was: Of course!


It was a real pleasure working and talking with Rick during the shoot. His positive energy and thinking surely explains his success as a professional BMX rider for more than 2 decades. That and hard work and following his passion for riding since the age of 12. I got a lot of respect for Rick, not only for blazing a path for himself and an entire industry but for having the dedication and determination to continue his passions into the music world with his band THORNE. God speed homie!


Check out this vid of Rick Thorne in action!


Check out all the great shots in the gallery below:

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